How soon can my baby fly?


I am 21 weeks pregnant and last week we were lucky to go on a holiday abroad with my husband. When we boarded the plane, on the other side of the plane there was a couple who had a new born girl who was 2 months old which made us ask the question “How soon can our baby fly?“. So I will do a through research on most common airline companies policies and what things you need to consider before arranging your flights.

Let’s dive right in …

We have started with obvious resource to most internet users: Google search

As you can see it looks like 2.57 million people are asking the same question so lets gather all the information we need in one place. What are the main questions we need to find answers for?

  1. What is the minimum age permission for a baby to fly?
  2. What safety equipments used on planes and do we need to bring our own?
  3. How to book an infant and how much do we pay?
  4. Regulations for travelling with more than 1 infant?

At this article we will cover the first question;

What is the minimum age permission for a baby to fly?

I have checked largest airline companies in Europe and attached direct links to their infant policy page as “Source”.

British Airways
Newborn babies must be at least 48 hours old and have been born without any complications before they can travel with us. Source
Babies can travel provided that they are at least 14 days old. Infants under two weeks of age cannot fly. Source
It’s important to note that infants aged 7 days and under cannot be accepted for travel on Ryanair flights. Source
The minimum age of an infant accepted for travel is 14 days after birth. Source
A baby is allowed travel under the definition of infant on Flybe services from the age of one week up to one year and 364 days and on flights operated by Stobart Air from the age of two weeks up to one year and 364 days. Source
Turkish Airlines
According to the baby passenger acceptance and carriage procedures; babies younger than 7 days can not travel with Turkish Airlines even though they are traveling with their parents, unless there is a special case about their health. Source
An infant is a child who has not yet turned 2, but is at least 7 days old. Source
Infants and mothers are not allowed to fly within 48 hours of birth, even with a doctor’s report. Source
Qatar Airways
8 days until 2nd birthday. Source

No specific minimum age
Emirates, Virgin, Air France, KLM, Norwegian, Lufthansa, Air Berlin haven`t specified their minimum age on their infants page. You will be safer to presume, they will be looking for babies to be minimum 2 weeks old!

Hope this helps and please let us know your experiences with your comments.

I will be researching details for the next questions now 🙂

What safety equipment’s used on planes and do we need to bring our own?

How to book an infant and how much do we pay?

Regulations for travelling with more than 1 infant?



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