Pony Up Daddy Saddle – Raider Red


Pony Up Daddy Saddle – Raider Red!

Pony Up Daddy is the WINNER of The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval . Here’s what their parents and testers had to say, The Pony Up Daddy Saddle is a unique, cute product for kids who love getting pony rides! It’s well made, the directions are clear, it’s age suitable and KIDS LOVED IT!. Testers liked that it is designed to provide a little seat for the child with a handle for them to hold onto instead of holding onto the back of a shirt and stretching it out (we can hear you nodding in experiential acknowledgement as you read this). Parents told us that they were pleasantly surprised at how secure the saddle was, even with a toddler throwing their weight back and forth. The material is firm so it feels secure, yet it has enough give so that it feels comfortable at the same time. The saddle is designed to fit a variety of adult frames. Pony Up Daddy folds up into a pretty small size which is nice for storage. What are you waiting for buy one today and see for yourself why the kids love it so much.

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Turns Dads to Horses :(
Turns Dads to Horses 🙁
Pony Up Daddy is the WINNER of The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval


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