Free Baby Product Samples

Well this is great news that you are visiting our “Send free samples of your product” page!

If you have kids or know people who have kids, you know it`s a very pricey business. We have several families who would love to get their hands on your products. They have very experienced testers with days and months of experience (as some of them are not even 1 year old!). Our testers can produce the highest standards and effiecient test cases for your products which will involve repetative tasks i.e. hitting on random surfaces, chewing, throwing, pulling. If you have clothing products we also provide extensive range of testing practices to clothing products such as; all possible types of stains, consistent dribble application, consistent and very timely tests against some other dirty functions!!

What is in for you?

You will have your own individual page on our “Blog” and we will publish or Test Activity Plan, Test Cases, Defect Management and Test Activity Completion Report. In a serious note, we would love to create a blog page for your product, put some pictures of our loved ones enjoying/hating your products, detailed feedback on your product (pros and cons) and if we can manage to keep them still in one spot, we might even publish some videos with your product.

You send see one of our senior Nappy Penetration Tester Ollie in action below!

Also we would like to send these samples to our community and ask for their feedback and share the love.

We don`t have specific rules on what you should or what you shouldn`t send to us. Send your baby products to us as many as you like, if it`s too many for us to keep, we will share these with our members and friends but before you send anything please complete the form below and give some details about your product in the “message” section. We will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the rest.

Thank you so much for being this generous!