Geeky Baby Gifts – About Us

GeekyBabyGifts is a free online geeky baby product magazine managed by several geeky parents or parents to be who are online most of the day, checking their (anti) social platforms, window shopping for geeky baby products, testing loads of free baby products and spending great time with their loved ones.

There is no financial expectation from Geeky Baby Gifts and all we do is find geekiest and coolest products we love on the web and share with you. Of course we also have plain baby products like plain white body suits or socks as well but without having these funky baby products we would have a very dull life. We feel that anything puts a little smile on us and others is worth spending couple of quid extra.

We are affiliated to some of these products which will return a very small commission to us which would help us buy more Geeky products 🙂 but this is not the sole motivation for us.

Just to be 100% clear, none of the products listed on our website are owned, stocked or sold by us. So when you purchase these goods please follow the normal process of the relevant website i.e. Amazon or Etsy.

If you know people who produce the Geekiest and most nerdy products for babies and parents, use the form below to let us know and we would love to share their products and story.